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FrameFit is a new Patented solution to a major problem with existing FD30 and FD60 Fire Doors. Many existing doors have gaps above the 3mm-4mm required to provide effective fire and smoke compartmentalisation see BWF website for for guidance. FrameFit, when fitted correctly, can fill door frame gaps up to 15mm. It has been extensively tested in multiple situations and has proved highly effective, the test evidence is available at

Yes, the Bottom Door Seal (BDS) is a fully tested solution which will fit to the base of FD30 and FD60 doors, this can be used with the FrameFit LM version to remediate gaps up to 25mm.

The full installation instructions are available on-line at

There are fitting instructions available on-line at  These instruction provide details on securing the Bottom Door Seal to the door.

FrameFit is designed with ease of use in mind and can be applied within 10% of the time it would ordinarily take to fit a new fire door. FrameFit comes on a roll and is easily cut to size and applied with minimal tools required. Download the toolkit guide.

Yes. You can use the 1.5mm, 3mm and 5mm FrameFit options to fill gaps around doors that are different sizes. You will need to carefully measure the different sizes and then cut the FrameFit to the correct length.

See below a simple stepped process, the door will need to be removed.

  1. ) Your door should have a maximum 10mm gap at the base for Fire only doors and for smoke prevention a maximum 3mm gap.
  2. ) If the gaps at the door base are above those in 1. you will need to fill the gaps. Measure the Gaps below the door with an accurate measuring device whilst the door is in place, check the measurements and remove the door.
  3. ) Cut the Door Bar to the width of the door.
  4. ) Using FrameFit and the Door Bar fit the FD30 or FD60 bar with the required amount of FrameFit. If the door is an FD60 fire door and the gap is 20mm you will need to fill a 10mm gap. On a FD60 door you will need 2 x lengths of 5mm of FD60 FrameFit.
  5. ) If the door is an FD30S Fire and Smoke door with a 20mm gap you will need to fill a gap of 15mm which is 3 x length of FD30 FrameFit.
  6. ) Fit the Door bar to the base of the door using suitable screws.
  7. ) Rehang the door and check the gaps are correct with the and not above the gaps in1. above.

Yes. You can use the 1.5mm, 3mm and 5mm FrameFit options to fill gaps around doors that are different sizes. You will need to carefully measure the different sizes and then cut the FrameFit to the correct length. For example a door with a 10mm gap problem at the top and a 7mm gap bottom should use 2 x 5mm with 2 x 3mm and 1 x 1.5m.

Yes, the High Energy (HE) variant of FrameFit has both a smoke seal and intumescent built in. This should be used where there is an existing intumescent or smoke seal in the door frame. You will not need to the HE variant if the Intumescent is in the door.

Yes, FrameFit is easy to cut if you are using the correct equipment.  We would recommend the use of Miter Cutter to ensure a safe and clean cut, these are available via our partners. These can also be used to cut FrameFit to angles if required. We would not recommend the use of Stanley/box knife cutters as they present a risk to the user if the blade slips. They are recommended for use with detailed cutting only but nothing else.

At launch we will be offering FrameFit in white. These will be available in FD30 and FD60 and 1.5mm, 3mm and 5mm depths with 5m lengths. Other colours are available, including wood grains, but will need to ordered and manufactured separately. Please contact your partner to discuss your requirements.

Yes, FrameFit can be used in conjunction with a variety of Digital Tracking Solutions. You will need to contact the company relevant to your requirements to understand how your installation of FrameFit will enable Digital Tracking.

You can fit FrameFit behind the strike plate and re-attach the strike plate over the FrameFit. You will need to carefully measure the gaps and use the correct depth of FrameFit. You will also need to cut out the void where the door latch engages to ensure the door closes correctly.

The FrameFit range of products has a variant called High Expansion. This is 1.5mm thick and has  built in smoke seal, this  should be used to replace both the existing Intumescent and smoke seal on the door frame being remediated. It should used in association with the LM (Low Modulous) FrameFit as a final/finishing layer.

FrameFit doesn’t require specialist training to fit, however it is recommended to be fitted by contractors experienced in fitting and remediating fire doors. If you require help finding a contractor to fit FrameFit for you, please get in touch with our team and we will put you in touch with those who are known to us.

Yes, FrameFit is made of up to 40% recycled plastics, it comes in a recyclable box and we recommend use with the Mitre Cutter and Gap Checker which are both reusable. FrameFit also negates the need to scrap existing doors removing the need to landfill and manufacture new doors from forests.

Please see the Installation Instructions for FrameFit, these provide guidance and advice on identifying your door, how to measure gaps and how much FrameFit you need to use. These are available at

FrameFit can be used on Hardwood, Softwood and MDF frames. Please see the available test evidence.

No, FrameFit does not have an expiry date.

Yes, you can paint FrameFit but you will need to use a solvent based paint and not water based.

Yes, we can provide either a Zoom/Teams demo, or an in-person demo at our FrameFit HQ in Tring, Hertfordshire.

Yes, speak to our team and we can get a small sample sent out to you.

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