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The importance of fire doors in Hospital & Healthcare settings

Fire doors are a critical safety feature of hospital and healthcare buildings, providing 30 or 60 minutes protection from fire, smoke and heat.

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The importance of fire doors in HMOs

Failing to install and maintain fire doors in an HMO property not only places inhabitants at increased risk, but can result in unlimited fines, with tenants also able to recoup the cost of their last 12 months rent.

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How to conduct a fire door safety check

As part of their Fire Door Safety Week campaign, the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) set out a simple 5-step fire door check.

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Current and incoming legislation for fire doors below 11M – The Fire Safety [England] Regulations 2022

The Fire Safety Act 2021 clarifies that in any residential building which contains two or more sets of domestic premises falls within the scope of the Fire Safety Order, regardless of height, and as such do fall under the current – and incoming – fire door legislation and regulations.

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